Revealed: 5 Reasons Why You Should Dump your Yearbook for Throne of Pals

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“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” – Les Brown

Have you ever looked at yearbook and you felt like “Gosh, I shouldn’t have written that”. The sad news is that there is no way to correct this and you just totally hate the whole yearbook because of that one mistake? You know that your yearbook is personal to you. This is because it conveys your experiences and personality while in school or in a particular social group. That moment when you are unable to connect to your yearbook, it becomes any other yearbook, right?

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What about if there is a way to edit and update the information in your year book to make it reflect your new self and at the same time you are able to share it to your famiIy, friends or anyone you want to and at the same time having full control over who view your yearbook? I have always wanted this freedom and I know that you also want to experience it too. So, I found a solution to this in terms of a new startup called Throne of Pals.

Your imagination has created another possibility, Throne of Pals. The good news is that throne of pals is not expensive and you have absolute control over what is made public.

Throne of pals is a dynamic online digital yearbook. It is a platform that gives people from different walks of life, be it organizations, cliques, group of friends or institutions, the opportunity to immortalize their shared memories and stay connected to each other for life.

Throne of pals is simply the normal yearbook made digital and immortal. It is either you dump the printed yearbook altogether or complement it with Throne of Pals because Throne of Pals is not susceptible to damage (especially wear and tear) neither does it get lost. It is always accessible as long as the internet is in existence.

Throne of Pals is a secured and unique personal picture directory, album or yearbook for your school, cliques, friends, clubs, and members of your business or social community where you are in charge and in control of who can join and have access to your information.

With Throne of Pals, you have your own unique domain name and hosting which does not require any monthly or yearly renewals. You only need to set it up once and you are good to go.


The following are the 5 reasons why you should use Throne of Pals for your yearbook and group gallery instead of a website, Facebook groups or even the regular printed year book:

  • Adaptability

Throne of pals is a system built to adapt to users. It is flexible as it allow users to build their profiles with information they are willing to share with others. Hence individual profiles are unique for each person.

  • Control

You have complete control over the information that can be shared on Throne of Pals.

  • Longevity

The information provided on Throne of Pals cannot be lost and are not prone to damage. These information are stored in the cloud which make it possible for Throne of Pals to remain till the next 500years and beyond.

  • Affordability

Subscribing to the Throne of pals platform is very cheap and far more affordable than the cost of making a printed yearbook or buying a domain name and hosting. Unlike in domain names and hosting that requires renewals and technical skills, subscription fee on Throne of pals is once in a lifetime, no renewals and requires no special skill-set.

  • Mobile friendly

Throne of pals is designed with a beautiful interface that displays well on computer screens and mobile devices.



For the purpose of this demonstration, I will assume that you want to use Throne of Pals for your school’s graduating class and you want to be the administrator.

To create/join a new yearbook or gallery on Throne of Pals, you first need to sign up with your email address and password on the homepage as shown:

Throne of Pals 1



When creating a new yearbook, you automatically become the administrator. As an administrator, you can create a yearbook by building the yearbook’s profile as illustrated:

Throne of Pals 3



Before your yearbook goes live, you need a “publish key”. The subscription model for Throne of Pals is once and very pocket friendly. No yearly renewal or maintenance. You can click this link to get your publish key.

Throne of Pals 3

Throne of Pals 4



You can then publish your yearbook with your unique publish link which will be given to you after you have subscribed successfully. This is an example of a published link and this is what you get when you click on the link.


Throne of Pals 5



As an administrator of the yearbook, you have complete control over your yearbook. You can manage the yearbook by approving the “join request” of members into your yearbook. Throne of Pals is patterned after regular yearbook you are used to. The only difference is that Throne of Pals is cloud based and you have all the rights to control the number of people in your yearbook. You are should know every member that has a right to a page in your yearbook so as to give your yearbook all the privacy and members only access.


Throne of Pals 6

Throne of Pals 7


The process of joining your yearbook or another yearbook on Throne of Pals is similar to the the signup process. To setup your page in your yearbook, you need to input some details about yourself.

Every users of your yearbook can build their profiles to their taste. Unlike the traditional yearbook that is so rigid where just fill a form which can’t be edited once it is in print, Throne of Pals give you the freedom to edit, update and delete your data.

For example, if you want everyone that check on your page to know that your “Best Lecturer” is “Dr. Saka”, you fill in the data accordingly as shown:

Throne of Pals 8




This is how this information is displayed on your page to other members of your yearbook that flips to your page by clicking on your name.


Throne of Pals 9



After a while, you might want to edit or update your “Best Lecturer” to be “Dr. Akinwumi” for reasons known to you, you just need to go back to your page and edit that specific data and click on the update button. And perhaps you feel that you no longer want a “Best Lecturer”, you can as well delete it altogether as shown below.


Throne of Pals 10




You can also upload your pictures on your page so that I can recognize you 😜.



Throne of Pals 11



Sure, you had some group picture, from fresh men days all the through final year defense till convocation, some of us even bump into one another and just do the selfie thing, these pictures are just too emotional to be owned by one/some. We had that in mind too, that’s where we created a Gallery were any member of the yearbook can update those pictures that relieve your good moments together and thus making them live on.


Throne of Pals 12


Throne of Pals is built to adapt. It has a feature that gives you as a user the opportunity to see all the yearbooks you are on. You can easily view your Throne of Pals yearbooks on mobile devices as well as your PC. It is fully optimized to meet your needs.


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