product development budget

How to Create a Better Product Development Budget

Product development projects are notorious for going over budget. Often way over budget. This is particularly true in small companies. The opportunity to develop products is generally less frequent in a small... Read more »

What you should know before you buy bitcoin with credit cards

There are several ways you can buy bitcoin with your credit cards. You can either use a bitcoin exchange (highly recommended), use a bitcoin ATM or buy from people selling in your... Read more »

Steem Blockchain: A New Way to Monetize Your Content Online

Steem is a new blockchain based reward platform that will help you to monetize your content online and grow an online community. Steem and SBD (Steem Blockchain Dollars) are the cryptocurrency that... Read more »

Ethereum Wallets, dApps and ERC 20 Tokens

Ethereum wallets (addresses) holds ether. You can send only ether to these addresses. Nothing more. dApps are decentralized apps. They are not controlled by any single individual, board or other central entity.... Read more »

BitcoinTalk Forum: The Cryptocurrency Forum That Can Make You Rich

I made some decent amount of dollars as a member of BitcoinTalk forum only when I understood the power and importance of this forum in the cryptocurrency community. I’ll explain how I... Read more »

How to Use WhatsApp on Your Desktop Computer Without Phone

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to access WhatsApp on your computer without phone? The WhatsApp default solution to access WhatsApp on computer is called WhatsApp web. This requires you... Read more »

How to Quickly Grow your Twitter Followers Free

If you’ve ever considered starting a business online or even have a thriving business online, you’ll know the importance of having a large following on social media. And if you don’t, let... Read more »

An easy way to turn your blogs to videos for free

In this post, you’ll learn how to turn your blogs to videos for free. Social marketing videos is the future of digital marketing. There are several statistics online to support this claim. For... Read more »
redesign your blog

8 Important Elements to Consider When You Redesign Your Blog

Whether you own a company blog or a personal blog, if you want to transform it into a powerful marketing tool, you need to redesign it. Blogs are immensely popular and redesigning... Read more »

5 Top Causes of Business Failure You Should Avoid Immediately

Almost everyone starts a business because they want to make profits. You want to turn your little money to more money. But then, business is all about profits and losses. You win... Read more »

How to start a media company based around daily email newsletters

Send an infotaining email with soft sell everyday. That’s what Ben Settle preaches and people love it because it’s such a simple system. Send more emails, make more money. Heck, I used... Read more »
Popular PHP Content Management Systems

6 Most Popular PHP Content Management Systems for Business Websites

PHP takes your content management system to the next level after HTML. PHP development companies are widely demanded for in every kind of application development. From simple web application to very robust... Read more »
Editorial calendar

How To Create An Effective Blog Editorial Calendar

For many brands, the bedrock of their content marketing is blogging — but blogging becomes a challenge when you’re constantly scrambling to drum up more topics. Does this sound familiar to you?... Read more »
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5 Top Programming Languages That Will Boost Your Career in I.T

If you’ve ever considered a career in IT or considering one as a programmer, here are the top programming languages that will get you started easily. But before that, let my share... Read more »
10 Reasons Why Your Resume Will Make You Fail Your Interview.

10 Reasons Why Your Resume Will Make You Fail Your Interview.

Your resume might be dead on arrival. So you have applied for countless jobs and you have never been shortlisted? So what is happening to your resume? There are many reasons why... Read more »
top soft skills on your resume

9 top soft skills that should be on your resume

Knowing the top soft skills to put on a resume can be difficult especially when changing from one job to another. Fresh graduates are often lost when it comes to listing their... Read more »
cloud hosting

Top Six Reasons to Host Your Business on the Cloud

The whole internet is basically the cloud. The websites that we access, are not stored on our computers but on the cloud. Since the past few years, cloud hosting has been gaining... Read more »
Edge computing

Fundamentals of edge computing and how it will benefit the world

Technology finds various ways to amuse us by showing us exactly what we are able to do by implementing newer technologies in our day-to-day life which eases the burden of certain tasks... Read more »
5 Simple Growth Strategy to Boost your Brand Online with Wix

5 Simple Growth Strategies to Boost your Brand Online with Wix

Your brand is your identity. It should accurately represent what your business is all about to your target audience. Your name, logo, and your social media activities are very important to your... Read more »