The Unusual Job Interview (Plus a $55,007 Unusual Tip as a HairStylist)

This is a story of preparation meets opportunity. This is the most unusual and interesting job interviews I have read in recent times. It is life changing. And this goes to prove the saying that prior proper preparation prevents poor performance. This particular story was shared by someone who has decided to go anonymous for[…]

4 Online Tools I used to evaluate my CV for free

4 Online Tools I Used to Evaluate my CV for Free

When I left school, I was faced with the problem of writing my CV to the accepted format. I googled the topic “how to write a CV” and I got many answers that helped to further complicate the initial question.

4 Online Tools I used to evaluate my CV for free

I got my research cap on and explored further. I networked with my immediate friends, extended friends and friends of my friends. I was desperate to stand out from the crowd and to present the best CV which is tailored for any job I would apply for. […]