5 Top Causes of Business Failure You Should Avoid Immediately

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How to start a media company based around daily email newsletters

Send an infotaining email with soft sell everyday. That’s what Ben Settle preaches and people love it because it’s such a simple system. Send more emails, make more money. Heck, I used... Read more »
Essential Accounting Tools

8 Essential Accounting Tools for Smart Businesses

The topics of accounting have taken an important turn with the use of technology. Now, we can create financial indicators and have everything systematized in an app or software. Here, on Ideas... Read more »
sales forecasting

How to Leverage the Power of CRM for Accurate Sales Forecasting

Sales are of utmost important for businesses of all sizes. You need to sell products and services, earn profits, grow revenue, outreach globally, gain brand recognition, acquire new customers, and much more. ... Read more »
modern workplace

What should modern workplace look like?

Designing a modern workplace is not like it was before. The entire business has changed which means that the environment where people work has to adapt to the people. You have to... Read more »
selling websites (domain flipping)

How to Make a Living Buying and Selling Websites

As the world becomes more and more digital, many people are looking online for ways to make money. There are lots of opportunities out there, but this image of a golden promised... Read more »
interesting insurance facts

30 interesting insurance facts that can save your business

Insurance is a known term for every one of us. It has made our life easy. But we never look into who came up with this idea. Over 350 years back, the... Read more »
best business locations for women in the US

5 best business locations for women in the US

Have you ever aspired to be a successful businesswoman but you’re unsure how or where to start? New research from Sharefile reveals that sometimes, a change of location is key to opening... Read more »
best business ideas

The 10 best business ideas you keep glazing over

Sometimes the hardest part about starting a business is actually coming up with the one business idea you want to focus on. Many entrepreneurs, or wannabe entrepreneurs, have great ideas but fail... Read more »
Business research

7 Ways business research benefits your e-commerce platform

Do you really know your market? Do you have insight as to what their needs are or are you just basing all of your marketing on a guesstimate? Making assumptions is a... Read more »
How to Write a Good Business Plan

How to Write a Good Business Plan in One Week or Less

First of all, you do not write a good business plan. You create a good business plan. The process of creating a business plan involves research, thinking, analysis, weighing strategic options, planning,... Read more »
Making Money Online

What You Don’t Know About Making Money Online

The key to making money online is to follow a proven system. A system that will refine and mold you. A system that will stretch you and lead you on a personal... Read more »
Shark Tank

Business Startup Lessons: What I learned from watching the television program Shark Tank

Shark Tank is the best  and (probably) only true television show that trains entrepreneurs. Adrian Stone, an Angel Investor and successful entrepreneur have this to say about Shark Tank: I have sold a number... Read more »
Free Online Courses

Free Online Business Education : 30 Best Websites For a Self-Learner

Be a lifelong learner! Lifelong learning is about creating. developing and maintaining a positive attitude to learning both for personal and professional development. It’s a rewarding experience and it gives you countless... Read more »
How to make money with AdSense

How to Make Money with Google AdSense. Get approved in five days.

You can make money with Google AdSense on your website. AdSense is an ad serving application run by Google Inc. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text, image, and... Read more »
Home Business for Women

110+ Most Profitable Home-Based Small Business Ideas for Women

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start a small business

How to Start a Small Business That Will Go Viral (Even If You Lack Business Ideas)

  This could be you: Buy two plastic chairs, a large poster board and a marker. Then find an area with some shade (and moderate walk through traffic). You can then scribble... Read more »
31 Low Cost Business ideas for Young entrepreneurs teenagers and students

31 Low Cost Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs (Teenagers & Students)

In the world we live in today, anyone from any age group can become an entrepreneur provided you have the will. There are many low cost business ideas for students and young... Read more »
make more money on upwork

8 Tips to Make More Money on Upwork as a Freelancer

I know that you are interested in this post because you want to make more money on Upwork. And if the term “Upwork” is totally strange to you, you are still at... Read more »