product development budget

How to Create a Better Product Development Budget

Product development projects are notorious for going over budget. Often way over budget. This is particularly true in small companies. The opportunity to develop products is generally less frequent in a small... Read more »
design and development

7 Tips on Bridging the Gap between Design and Development

The role of design and development team is different in the process of product creation. The design team focuses on aspects such as accessibility, visual appeal, and usability of design in context... Read more »
Business strategy

6 Ways to Implement a Business Strategy in your Organization

A well planned, organized and practically sound strategy provides the basis for any successful business. You can’t expect to run a company by ignoring a comprehensive business strategy and believing solely on... Read more »

5 Ways Companies Can Help Employees Manage Grief

The death of a colleague can be a difficult experience for their coworkers. We often know exactly what is expected of us when a family member or close friend passes away, but... Read more »
intellectual property

Basic Guide to Intellectual Property that will save your business

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, some of the most precious assets are intangible and are considered, rather than real or physical, intellectual property. As you protect your valuable tangible property... Read more »
Calm in crises

5 outstanding reasons why your business needs you to be healthy

I ran into an old friend about a week ago. She was excited and happy to see me. We were all chatty and excited as any reunited old friends would be. Over... Read more »
Evaluate new startup ideas

How to evaluate new startup ideas in 2018

With the increase in the number of people losing their permanent jobs by the day, there has been an increase in the number of startups in the recent years. While no startup... Read more »
Network marketing

How to use network marketing to promote your business

Network marketing, just like affiliate marketing, is a type of business opportunity that is popular with people looking for a flexible passive income. Network marketing, also known as pyramid selling, referral marketing,... Read more »
best business advice for entrepreneurs

14 best business advice you shouldn’t listen to every time

Let’s be realistic with ourselves. There’s nothing like the best business advice for entrepreneurs out there. No one cap fits all. The business advice that is working for your friend might not... Read more »
take little steps

How to take little steps every day as an entrepreneur

I’ve been writing a whole lot about what it means to take little steps every day. They all add up. Just do it, even when you don’t feel like it. Your ideas... Read more »
Just do it

Just do it. You Never Can Tell What Will Happen

Just do it. That’s Nike’s slogan. And It works. This article is not about Nike or their slogan. It’s about you. And it’s about me. Yesterday, I wrote a blog post for... Read more »

No time to blog: A quick summary of my life in 6 months

I stayed away from blogging for over six months. I wrote my last blog post over seven months ago. That’s really a long time especially when your business is online. I must... Read more »
How to launch a product

8 Best Practices That Will Help You Launch a Product Successfully

Before you launch a product to the market, their are certain factors that you must put into consideration. When you ignore these factors, it could result in financial ruin and complete disaster.... Read more »
How to launch a product

5 Tips to Launching a Successful Product

If you are thinking about or on the verge of launching a new product or start your new company, you will need to get it right or it could end in a... Read more »
How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Mastery

How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Mastery

I was talking to my Coach recently. This is someone who is a millionaire , many times over, is a brilliant entrepreneur, and has an asset and property portfolio worth close to... Read more »
Top Skills for Entrepreneurs

The Top 3 Skills That Creates True Wealth

I’m not extremely wealthy by any means. But I have interviewed and been mentored by many millionaires and I am on track to obtaining a substantial amount of wealth myself. After studying... Read more »
What type of entrepreneur are you

What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

What type of entrepreneur are you? No, not what type of business do you own but what type of entrepreneur are you? Over the past decade helping entrepreneurs build seven-figure businesses, I’ve... Read more »
Do not quit

Why You Have To Keep Showing Up And Never Quit

Here’s the story of Tom Mapother. Tom Mapother was not a good student in high school. He had some learning difficulties. He went to Glen Ridge High School in Glen Ridge, New... Read more »
Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

The Best Kept Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

I learned some of the most valuable business and life lessons in my early adulthood, while working day and night to grow our family business into a $60 Million company. 1. Never... Read more »
How to Start a Consulting Business

How to Start A Consulting (Coaching) Business as a Side Hustle

Want to learn how you can quit your job 3 months from today and start working full-time on your business? Imagine how much you could accomplish this year if instead of the... Read more »