Can We Really Trust Wealthy Affiliate University: 5 Little-Known Reasons that Will Convince You to Work from Home!

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Can We Really Trust Wealthy Affiliate University- 5 Little-Known Reasons that Will Convince You to Work from Home!Can we really trust Wealthy Affiliate University?

Can I attain financial freedom just by working legitimately online?

These were my questions before I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate University. Then I met Carson and Kyle, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate University.

To answer that question, I would do a little analysis of Wealthy Affiliate with Kyle, the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate.

According to trends on Google, a large percentage of the world population are constantly seeking freedom from the regular 9 to 5 jobs and want to make money online.

People want to work from the comfort of their homes. I bet you want the freedom of working for yourself when you get to work at your time and pace. You want to work from the comfort of your couch at home and make cool money the legitimate way.

The problem is that university education will not teach you how to make money. You will only learn how to make money on your own. But you are afraid of leaving your comfort zone. You don’t want to fail and at the same time you want to succeed.

This is what the Wealthy Affiliate University is all about. Wealthy Affiliate will lead you through the path of a lifetime of enjoyable financial freedom.

This is not an assurance that you won’t fail…but you will fail forward! To fail forward is to break barriers and be successful.

According to Kyle, the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate, “The biggest problem people have when attempting to create a business online is simple. We all want it fast…we want it easy…and we want it now!

…most people don’t give their business enough time to succeed. They don’t give themselves enough time to have their breakthrough moment which happens to everyone at a different speed.

It can take a few months to get the ball rolling with a new business, but EVERY single person I have ever worked with in the last 10 years have had their breakthrough moment happen within a year.

Absolutely EVERY SINGLE Wealthy Affiliate member that has given themselves time to succeed has achieved success. It is just a matter of doing what you are already doing to scale out your success.

One thing I can assure you is this. If you are a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate for a year, you take action for a year and you ask for help when you need it throughout that year, you are going to have your own personal breakthrough moment in business.

Let’s Get Rolling…

When you become a member of WA, you are automatically enrolled in the Getting Started training which is included with your Starter Membership. This is our flagship business building course that walks you through the step-by-step process of building a successful business online that earns revenue.

By the time you complete Lesson 10 of this Course, you will have developed many key web assets that will lead you to your ultimate success.

The Getting Started (Level 1) course is going to lead to the following accomplishments:

#1: Setting up your account profile at Wealthy Affiliate Interaction with fellow expert marketers and aspiring marketers via live chat.

#2: Understanding the process of earning money online.

#3: Choosing your own niche from scratch.

#4: Creating your very OWN niche website.

#5: Setting your website for massive success in search engines.

#6: Activating website extensions that add many new website features.

#7: Understanding how to create, find, and install one of over 20,000 plugins on your website.

#8: Create your very first page of content on your niche website.

#9: Create relationships with others here at WA and developed your own following.

#10: Receive timely help/support when you needed it.

#11: Understand the process of finding low competition, high traffic keywords.

#12: Create a list of a bunch of awesome keywords.

#13: Create valuable content within your niche that is getting RANKED in Google.

#14: Learn new skills that will lead you to long term SUCCESS.

Work at your own pace through this training. The most important thing is that you take action on the tasks. Action equals success!

Without the action, no success is possible. A good deal of the actual learning process will also take place during the action phase. Over the years the #1 reason I have seen people succeed online is because they take consistent action.

Make sure you not only read through and watch the video training, that you take action on the tasks within each lesson. This is very important and will be critical to your success.

What better opportunity to say hello and introduce yourself than on Day 1.

Don’t be shy, don’t be a stranger…

You are going to find that the community at Wealthy Affiliate is full of a lot of great people. People that you can learn from, people that are willing to help, and people that likely had your same questions at one point along the way.

We are a community that truly cares about fellow members’ success and you will see that being quite evident in the coming days.”

Not convinced enough that you can create and grow your business? These is a SUMMARY of the resources at your disposal when you join Wealthy Affiliate.

Resource #1

An industry leading education.

Resource #2

The most advanced website building platform

Resource #3

The most powerful and reliable WordPress hosting platform on the planet

Resource #4

As much expert personal help and mentorship as you need

Resource #5

24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year access to the most interactive and helpful community

Resource #6

Everything you need to create your very own successful business online to ANY level you want.

From No Experience to Great Success – Kyle’s Answer, the “Process”

One of the most common questions Kyle (Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate) get is “How were you able to go from no experience to being very successful within the online world?”

Kyles’s answer:

“Well, to be honest, it was a heated battle between ME and a HUGE LEARNING CURVE.

You see, I didn’t have the luxuries of a community like Wealthy Affiliate when I started out. I had to go at it alone.

I entered the Internet marketing world in a complete silence. I never bought a product. I have never bought an e-book. I never invested any money in tools or services (other than hosting).


I was full time in college and that means, I wasn’t working. I had a budget and I actually had to sell my car to fund my schooling. In fact, I had to borrow my girlfriend’s (now wife) credit card to get started…

…I don’t want to sell you on the idea of rags to riches. I want to sell you on the idea of the “process”. The process I learned, I had to create for myself, and a process that works 13 years after I had to “grind” my way into learning it.

From the initial selection of the niche to building your website, to choosing products to promote, to creating a brand, creating customers, scaling your business and ultimately becoming full time online. That is what I want to teach you…up close and personal.

The process can take you (anyone) from being a newbie to being able to work full time from wherever you want (assuming you have internet access). And to work within a niche /interest/passion that you love, you enjoy and helping people all at the same time.

It will take a bit of hard work but that is the easy part. You have everything in “between” to create and grow your business at WA. It may very well change your life.

At the very least, it is going to change your perspective and give you a look at what you need to do to create an unbelievable business online. ”

This is the reality of the world we live in now. Everything has gone digital and things are changing at an incredible speed. Our world is changing fast. Don’t be left behind.

At WA, there are both free and premium membership plans. The differences in the two plans are shown below:

5 Little-Known Reasons that Will Convince You to Work from Home

Do you still have your doubts? It is understandable. These are the 5 little-known reasons why you should work from home and go premium at Wealthy Affiliate:


When you go premium, you simply get more of everything. This is equivalent to getting the keys to unlock our entire system. You get unlimited support and communication. As a Premium member there is no restrictions, you get more of everything…including MORE SUCCESS!

REASON #2: Million Dollar Mentorships

Having the ability to connect with experts in the industry can make the difference between success and failure. What if you could personally communicate with people that have experienced success themselves and get direct, helpful answers?

At Wealthy Affiliate you have instant access to a plethora of experts in every imaginable facet related to the online business world. If you have questions, you need to ask for help!

I know you have heard the phrase, “the only dumb questions is the one that is not asked!” That statement holds true within WA…we are truly a community that cares about you and your success. Sometimes to move forward, you just have to reach out and ask for help.

You can, and you will get this personal and private expert access as a premium member. The Premium membership includes more personal support via a secure and private messaging system. Contact millionaire entrepreneurs who can help you based on their experiences. You will not find this ANYWHERE else!

No matter what time it is, where you are located in the world or what your questions is, there will be someone there to help you out within the 24/7/365 community at Wealthy Affiliate and you will get AWESOME help!

REASON #3: UNLIMITED Websites with 24/7 Support

To be highly successful online you need high quality hosting and high quality websites. With WA Premium, you get UNLIMITED website installs, UNLIMITED free websites, and the ability to host UNLIMITED domains that you own. You also get UNLIMITED bandwidth, web space, and 24/7/365 premium website support and monitoring.

Choose from over 1,400 different templates and choose from over 10,000+ website enhancing plugins that are “one click” installs.

These are things you need to BUILD and GROW a successful business online.

REASON #4: LIVE, to the Minute Training

Things change VERY quickly online. With Wealthy Affiliate Premium you are going to be served new training each and every week that will keep you up to date with the industry, reveal new marketing strategies and techniques, and keep you WAY ahead of your competitors.

You get unrestricted access to ALL 6 Phases of the Affiliate Boot camp (60 Lessons) and access to ALL the 4 Phases of OEC training (40 Lessons & Growing), live video classes each and every week. Over 110 hours of video class training and unlimited access to the WA Keyword tool, Jaaxy.

This includes Live Video Training weekly with a full Q & A period where you can ask the expert hosts questions live and in real-time.

Also, Premium members get access to a huge database of video training that is unmatched in the industry (100’s of hours), access to premium only blogs and discussions, unlimited live chat, access to our private forum with over 500,000 posts, and live personal support!

You also get access to ALL future updates absolutely EVERYTHING You Need to create SUCCESS!

Pro (Advanced-Marketers) Reason: Access to Jaaxy, a Keyword Research Tool

Talking about Jaaxy. Jaaxy is a keyword research tool created by Kyle and Carson.

Jaaxy gives you all the competition data, allows you to peek inside the top 10 rankings, and even offers you a brainstorming tool if you are stuck for niche ideas (people love that aspect).

Here are the “important” metrics you will be happy to find INSTANTLY within Jaaxy search results (as an Enterprise user):

#1 Monthly Searches: Pulls from Google, Bing and Yahoo, total search traffic.

#2 Estimated Traffic: Estimated traffic if you are ranked in the top 3 positions

#3 QSR: How many pages you are competing with in Google (my favourite!)

#4 KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator, gives you the green or red light.

#5 SEO Power: Is it good for SEO? This tells you instantly. Over 80 is great!

#6 Domain Search: Checks the domain availability for 8 different domain types.

#7 To Do: Adds the keyword to your “to do” writing list. Connects directly to the top article marketing site online.

In terms of the actual keyword, these are the ONLY metrics you need to truly succeed with keyword research….and this simplicity. Power data is the exact reason why people give us amazing feedback in regards to Jaaxy on a daily basis.

REASON #5: Direct Access to Kyle and Carson- the founders of Wealthy Affiliate

I do encourage you to step inside of WA and ask for help if you have any questions. You will typically get a response within an hour, sometimes within seconds.

Looking for personal 1-on-1 help?

If you want personal help from myself and Carson directly, you can get that within our premium membership. You get to contact us personally for mentoring if you ever have any questions, leveraging our 24 years of combined experience within the online world.

And this includes Carson and myself. We have made millions of dollars online and have helped many others accomplish this within the Premium membership. We cannot put a value on our time.

There is no other community in the world with the number of experts and internet success stories that are at WA and if you upgrade to Premium, you are going to be able to connect with them “privately” if you ever need campaign help.

But we do put a value on you and our premium members at Wealthy Affiliate. That is why we help people out personally and we love doing it.

One Last Thing…

There are only 3 steps to succeeding online.

Step #1: Getting the knowledge

Step #2: Taking action on the knowledge

Step #3: Having someone (an expert) there when you need help

When you join today, you are going to have all 3 of these things along with FULL access to the #1 place in the world where people are creating THRIVING online businesses. Are you going to be one of them? To your success.

Do you have any questions, comments or observations? Please join the discussion below.


P.S. I can help you write copy that sells and write contents for your blog. Let’s discuss the terms on my hire me page.

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