Giftobit Foundation

Learn and Earn a Lifetime Passive Income With Giftobit in Bitcoin

Recently, I’ve been learning about cryptocurrency and fascinated about bitcoin especially. Digital currency is the future of currency and cryptocurrency has come to stay. I published an article sometimes back about learning about cryptocurrency to explain in detail about what is happening in the digital currency world. Today, I’ll be taking it a step further by[…]

How to Buy Your First Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) for Free

Learn and Earn About Cryptocurrency: A Financial Education That Will Change You

  I have been learning about cryptocurrencies in the past few days and my discovery has been pretty amazing. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. Bitcoin (BTC) is the first decentralized[…]

The Most Effective Affiliate Marketing Tools

The Most Effective Affiliate Marketing Tools

Using tools in your affiliate marketing campaign can help you in many ways and even more than doing the same tasks manually. The concept of using tools in internet marketing is simple; you need to automate or at least make certain daunting tasks less time consuming. We are not talking about full automation here that[…]

Friendly Twitter Traffic

Affiliate Marketing: How to Get Friendly Traffic From Twitter

Generating traffic to your affiliate website is very important if you want to make sales. The more traffic coming in to your website means that more people will be reading your product reviews, and potentially clicking on your affiliate links. With all the obvious benefits of generating traffic, it is still something that many affiliate[…]

How to Write a Good Business Plan

How to Write a Good Business Plan in One Week or Less

First of all, you do not write a business plan. You create a business plan. [bctt tweet=”First of all, you do not write a business plan. You create a business plan.” username=”via Stojay007″] The process of creating a business plan involves research, thinking, analysis, weighing strategic options, planning, budgeting, bench-marking and lots more. How about[…]