Digital marketing trends

Top 10 digital marketing trends that will change in 2018

It’s a known fact that digital marketing trends are changing every day and smart marketers are already planning on how to keep up with these trends in the coming year. Digital marketing has... Read more »
Network marketing

How to use network marketing to promote your business

Network marketing, just like affiliate marketing, is a type of business opportunity that is popular with people looking for a flexible passive income. Network marketing, also known as pyramid selling, referral marketing,... Read more »
website internationally friendly

Top 9 ways to make your website internationally friendly

Almost every business wants to make their website internationally friendly. With the growing internet penetration rates and a rapidly homogenizing millennial culture, your business easily can rapidly expand its growth internationally. However, there... Read more »
Facebook ads optimization

Facebook ads optimization: How to get as low as $.35 per click

It’s very possible to use Facebook ads if you’re on a budget. I’ll be sharing how I optimized my Facebook ads from $2.44 per click to $0.35 per click. But before then,... Read more »
follow up email

Follow up email: Top 5 tools that will help you in your marketing

When marketing through email or communicating with your existing database a new offering or proposal, it’s not easy to send and manage a follow up email manually even though it’s highly recommended.... Read more »
best business advice for entrepreneurs

14 best business advice you shouldn’t listen to every time

Let’s be realistic with ourselves. There’s nothing like the best business advice for entrepreneurs out there. No one cap fits all. The business advice that is working for your friend might not... Read more »
Get Bitcoins and Altcoins in Your Wallets

4 Easy Ways to Get Bitcoins and Altcoins in Your Wallets

There are several ways to get bitcoins and altcoins in your wallets. You can even get some of these coins for free. I’ll reveal it all here in this article. In my... Read more »
introduction to cryptocurrency

Introduction to Cryptocurrency: Bitcoins, Altcoins, and Blockchain Technology

I was first introduced to bitcoins in late 2016. I dabbled into it and wrote about what I learnt. Then, I lost interest and got busy with life. I watched silently at... Read more »
change your financial life

These 4 Levels of Income Will Change Your Financial Life Forever

There are several things you can do that will change your financial life forever. But before you take the steps to change your finances, you’ve to work on your mind. Many books... Read more »
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Who is Right in the Musk & Zuck Square Off on the Future of AI?

In a live grilling video in his backyard –on his platform Facebook– Mark, obviously relaxed and happy, answered a question about the future of artificial intelligence (AI) from one of his audience.... Read more »
take little steps

How to take little steps every day as an entrepreneur

I’ve been writing a whole lot about what it means to take little steps every day. They all add up. Just do it, even when you don’t feel like it. Your ideas... Read more »
Just do it

Just do it. You Never Can Tell What Will Happen

Just do it. That’s Nike’s slogan. And It works. This article is not about Nike or their slogan. It’s about you. And it’s about me. Yesterday, I wrote a blog post for... Read more »

No time to blog: A quick summary of my life in 6 months

I stayed away from blogging for over six months. I wrote my last blog post over seven months ago. That’s really a long time especially when your business is online. I must... Read more »

How to Win 50000 USD in Wix SEO Hero Challenge 2017

“Wix SEO Is the best…beat us & we’ll give you $50,000!” That sounds cool right? Yes, I know it’s so enticing and it’s no fluke. The Wix SEO Hero challenge is something you... Read more »
How to launch a product

8 Best Practices That Will Help You Launch a Product Successfully

Before you launch a product to the market, their are certain factors that you must put into consideration. When you ignore these factors, it could result in financial ruin and complete disaster.... Read more »
How to launch a product

5 Tips to Launching a Successful Product

If you are thinking about or on the verge of launching a new product or start your new company, you will need to get it right or it could end in a... Read more »
Giftobit Foundation

Learn and Earn a Lifetime Passive Income With Giftobit in Bitcoin

Recently, I’ve been learning about cryptocurrency and fascinated about bitcoin especially. Digital currency is the future of currency and cryptocurrency has come to stay. I published an article sometimes back about learning... Read more »
Earn bitcoins

Learn and Earn Bitcoins: A Financial Education That Will Change You

Before you earn bitcoins, you must know about bitcoins. I have been learning about cryptocurrencies in the past few days and my discovery has been pretty amazing. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in... Read more »
Affiliate marketing tools

The Most Effective Affiliate Marketing Tools

Using affiliate marketing tools in your campaign can help you in many ways and even more than doing the same tasks manually. The concept of using tools in internet marketing is simple;... Read more »
Generating traffic to your affiliate website

Affiliate Marketing: How to Get Friendly Traffic From Twitter

Generating traffic to your affiliate website is very important if you want to make sales. The more traffic coming in to your website means that more people will be reading your product... Read more »