7 Lessons Linda Ikeji Won’t Teach You about Blogging: A Must Read For All Serious Bloggers

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We all know who Linda Ikeji is, right?

Linda Ikeji is a Nigerian blogger who is steadily making millions of dollars through blogging. That is not all, she started her blogging career on a free blogging platform, Google’s BlogSpot before migrating to her self-hosted blog.

7 Lessons Linda Ikeji Won’t Teach You about Blogging- A Must Read For All Serious Bloggers


According to her Wikipedia’s page, Linda Ikeji is best known for her controversial publications and her media contributions to the development of the Nigerian Entertainment industry.

Linda Ikeji, through her passion, dedication and commitment to her blog has inspired a new generation of bloggers in West Africa, especially in her country Nigeria. All these bloggers want to enjoy the fame and success she is enjoying.

Now that you know who Linda Ikeji is, I will tell you some of the things you need things you need to know about blogging and how you can be successful as a blogger no matter where you are in the world.

Before you continue the lessons, I want you to remember that you have to pay the price before you get the prize.


7 Lessons Linda Ikeji Won’t Teach You about Blogging: A Must Read For All Serious Bloggers

Lesson #1: Why Are You Blogging?

The first question you should ask yourself as a blogger is this: Why am I blogging? There are only two possible answers to this question. It is either you blog just for the fun of it or you are into blogging primarily to make money.

It doesn’t not matter what your answer is. What matters is that you need passion to succeed as a blogger. And if your answer is to make millions of dollars like Linda Ikeji who has been blogging consistently for nine years, then you are in for a shocker.

Lesson #2: Blogging Is Not Business As Usual

Like every business, blogging should be treated as serious business. Even more serious than your regular 9am to 5pm jobs. Blogging is a business that requires a lot of learning, hard work and patience.

These factors only applies if and only if you are interested in making money from blogging.

Most people believe that it only requires a form of luck to succeed as a blogger. This is a lie. Success as a blogger is not by chance. Linda Ikeji did not succeed as a blogger by chance. She took her time in learning what it takes to be a blogger and she was committed to her goals.

I want you to know that blogging is not a “get rich quick” scheme. You can’t just decide to be a blogger today and then start making money overnight. It doesn’t work that way. It took Linda Ikeji 4 years before she started making money from her blog.

According to John C. Maxwell in his book, “Talent is never enough”, he defined success as a progressive realization of a predetermined worthwhile goal. For you to succeed as a blogger, you need to plan for your success before you even start.

Lesson #3: Define Your Sample Space

This simply means that you need to define your niche. In simple terms, what is your selling point? What do you want your blog to be known for?

Successful bloggers are all known for something unique. Linda Ikeji’s blog is known for entertainment. Ideas plus business is known for business ideas and career tips. What is your blog about?

I want you to choose a niche that best suits your personality. Something you are passionate about. Never ever choose a niche out of impulse. Choosing a niche just because you know a blogger who is succeeding in that niche is a recipe for failure.

Lesson #4: Blogging Best Practices

There are several blogging ethics you must adhere to if you want to become a successful blogger. Most times, many bloggers are found wanting of these ethics and are penalized most times by the number one “blog police”, search engines especially Google.

Also, crime agencies are now alert and are ready to punish erring bloggers. Popular crimes committed by bloggers are plagiarism, intrusion of privacies, illegal data mining etc.

The reasons why bloggers commit these crimes can be found in the first three lessons. As the popular saying goes, prior proper preparation prevents poor performance.

Lesson #5: Use a Self-Hosted Blog Instead of a Free Blog

Becoming a blogger is very easy and free even if you are blogging for money. After all, Linda Ikeji started by using BlogSpot which is a free blogging service from Google and she made millions from it before migrating to her self-hosted blog.

Many bloggers (including me) believe that to make money as a blogger, the golden rule is that you should never start with a FREE blogging service. You need to pay for your domain name and hosting plan.

This is necessary so that you can have total administrative control over your blog.

When Linda Ikeji was using BlogSpot for her blog, she had limited control over her blog. For a start, she did not have a unique domain name. She was using something like lindaikeji.blogspot.com.

This factor alone would have been a unique turn off to potential advertisers then especially before she became a brand.

She was only able to monetize her blog then simply because she was using BlogSpot.com which supports AdSense. AdSense which is owned by Google is a way by which bloggers can monetize make money from their blog by placing Google ads on their websites.

Linda Ikeji was able to enjoy this privilege then just because she was using BlogSpot which is also owned by Google. Imagine if she were to be using other free blog services such as WordPress or Type pad (there are hundreds of other free blog services), then she probably would have been blogging for fun today.

Another disadvantage of using a free blog service is that your site can be offline anytime without any warning from these blogging services without any consequences whatsoever.

Before Linda Ikeji migrated her blog from BlogSpot to a self-hosted service, Google did shut her site down in October 2014 for two days.

According to Wikipedia, a statement was made by a Google correspondent who said that: “We take violations of policies very seriously as such activities diminish the experience for our users.

When we are notified of the existence of content that may violate our Terms of Service, we act quickly to review it and determine whether it actually violates our policies. If we determine that it does, we remove it immediately.”

Lesson #6: Protect Your Brand

Do I need to tell you that your brand is your identity? For you to call yourself a blogger especially if blogging is your career like Linda Ikeji, you need to protect your brand. You need to start right and take lesson five seriously.

When Linda Ikeji’s blog was shut down by Google in 2014 and she needed to migrate to a self-hosted blog, it was too late. By then, her brand was so strong that cyber-squatters already had her marked as their potential money bag.

What this meant is that she couldn’t get a unique domain name synonymous with her brand Linda Ikeji unless she pays a huge sum to a “smart-ass” who now “owns” the domain name for her brand.

She did pay the price of not protecting her brand and at the same time she was able to save her brand. You might not be lucky as Linda Ikeji. Therefore, you need to protect your brand before you venture into blogging.

Lesson #7: Teach Others What You Know

Many people still believe that there is no money in blogging. I have followed Linda Ikeji’s blog for quite some time now and am not sure she is doing enough to educate her teaming fans on how she make her millions blogging.

Some people simply believe that her wealth from blogging is just a great hoax. Actually, people tend to criticize what they don’t understand.

As a blogger, you are very influential and you have a strong voice. Why is this? Because people wants to listen to you especially when you can solve their problems.

Just imagine if Linda Ikeji decides to create free or even premium lessons in the form of videos, podcasts or even an e-book that shows her teaming fans and other bloggers what she does?

It is not too late. Blogging is a very viable business and you are saddled with the responsibility to share what you know with others.

Bonus Lesson: Develop Your Skills

As a blogger, you are multi-talented and not just that, you will continue to develop more skills as you blog. Linda Ikeji, for example, is a writer, editor, copywriter, marketer, social media analyst, consultant etc.

Most of these skills were developed and refined while blogging.

My advice for you as a blogger is to always try all you can to improve your blogging skills. Make sure you develop new skills that will complement your niche as a blogger.

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I wish you all the best in your blogging career.


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