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African Paintings

“Champions aren’t made in the gyms. [bctt tweet=”Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision.” – Muhammad Ali”]


I virtually grew up with awesome artists around me and this has influenced me and refined my tastes for great and exceptional arts.

It is always amazing to see an artist at work and I have been lucky to see these powerful people at work in their studio. To me, an artist is a powerful creator with god-like abilities.

An artist visualizes things and then goes ahead to create it. It is just amazing seeing an artist pour out his soul, energy and time into something abstract and eventually brings it to life by sheer determination and focus. Some great artists has helped in making our world what it is today such as Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Van Gogh, Francis Bacon, Jan Van Eyck, Donatello, Rembrandt van Rijn and others.

These people see things we don’t see and help us to see them through their eyes. Today, I want to talk about a young artist, Emmanuel Anaiye Ifebunmi whose passion is to paint his environment, landscape and thoughts.

Emmanuel Anaiye Ifebunmi is a Nigerian Artist who hails from Magongo tribe in Kogi State.

His works can be found on Fine America and Deviant. In his words, “people say pictures are worth a thousand words which means that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image or you can also say that an image of a subject conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than its description does”.

“I create a reality through art by making paintings with textures you can feel through collage and mixed media. We all have different ways of defining a particular object.

I am drawn so deep to the abstract and impressionism nature of art and my environment”, he added. These are the 25 paintings of this young artist done on acrylics on various media.


  1. Before Modern Times.
    This work is acrylics on board. According to Emmanuel, this painting is about an artist connecting to his own African environment before modern development unlike now that modern structures are cropping up everywhere.

 1. Before Modern Times

  1. The African Lifestyle.
    This work is acrylics on canvas. In this painting, we have two boys coming from a stream and a canoe at the river bank. In the words of Emmanuel, “this painting to me have deeper meaning than just the canoe and the boys. Before modern times (and even now), people get their water from streams and rivers. Most African villages and settlements are around riverine environment for easy access to water for drinking, washing and bathing. This painting shows thatched roof and mud house and how Africans lived before civilization”.

2. The African Lifestyle

  1. My Greatest Love Story.
    From history, Titanic was a ship that is supposed to be unsinkable, sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in the early morning of 15 April 1912. The greatest love story”, was also completed on the 15th of April 2015 which is exactly 103 years after the incidence and 18years after the movie, which came out in 1997. This work is acrylics on canvas.

 3. My Greatest Love Story

  1. Seasons of Love.
    According to Emmanuel, “I believe In love and on the day which was supposed to be the season of love, a time to love and be loved, a time for going out to the beach or some fun place, my canvas and my brush seems to be my best friend and love on that day. In case you are wondering which day this is, it is Val’s day. A day when we all want to find love, give love and be loved”. This work is acrylics on canvas.

 4. Seasons of Love

  1. The Lonely Cottage.
    ‘We all sometimes need a “me time” and what is a better way to get this “me time” than buying or building a cottage in the wood’. This work is acrylics on canvas.

 5. The Lonely Cottage

  1. That You May Light My Path.
    [bctt tweet=”“It is sometimes difficult to understand the mind of an artist especially a lonely one””], ha! The reason I made this painting was not known to me initially but I believed it came as a result of me searching for answers to who I want to be and what I want to do with my life. I was in a lonely wilderness trying to connect with my inner self and searching for a reason to exist. I pray that our Creator may light our path that we may find that which seems lost to us”. This work is acrylics on canvas.

 6. That you may light my path

  1. The Palm Wine Tapper.

“In Africa, especially in Nigeria, we have professional palm wine tappers in certain culture and this inspired this work”. This work is acrylics on canvas.

7. The Palm Wine Tapper

  1. He that Watches over us.

This acrylics painting on canvas is that of a shepherd on the mountain side on the outskirt of a village diligently keeping watch over his flock at night and at the same time watching over the village.

 8. He that Watches over us

  1. Unity in our Diversity.

This wood collage is an awesome representation of what we can achieve together as a nation or individuals without prejudice irrespective of the differences in our cultures.9. Unity in our Diversity

  1.            The Shepherd’s Camp.

This is just another great piece by Emmanuel that I admire. The detailing is just incredible. This work is acrylics on canvas.10. The shepherd's camp

  1.            Riverside Settlement

The riverside settlement is mostly found in the riverine areas of Nigeria and this painting with all its textures bring this settlement to life. This work is acrylics on canvas.

11. River side settlement

  1. Village Life.

This painting shows a typical village setting in Africa with all its “feelables”. This work is acrylics on canvas.

 12. Village Life

  1. African Women in the Woods.

This is one of Emmanuel’s best paintings. It features two women each with a calabash on her head in the woods. This acrylics on canvas is fully textured and “alive”.

 13. African Women in the Woods

  1. Nigeria Rejoices.

This work was done to celebrate the rich cultural diversity and the major ethnic groups in Nigeria. This work is acrylics on canvas.

 14. Nigeria Rejoices

  1. Mountains and the Moon.

This work is acrylics on canvas. The moon and beautiful mountain side comes to life in this fully textured painting.15. Mountains and the Moon


  1. Igbo Cultural Dancers.

The Igbo tribe of south eastern Nigeria has a rich cultural dance tradition which can be seen in this full textured painting. This work is acrylics on canvas.

 16. Igbo Cultural Dancers

  1. The Village Richest Man.

This painting talks about the era when civilization just enters an African community and only the affluent men of the community can afford to buy cars which is displayed proudly in front of their hut. This work is acrylics on canvas.

 17. The Richest Village man

  1. The Village Bike Rider.

                        This acrylics on canvas painting shows a man riding a bike in the village square.18. The Village Bike Rider


  1. Milk Sellers (1 and 2).

This picture is of two forms. The milk sellers 1 is a wood collage and the milk sellers 2 is acrylics on canvas. This artwork is an illustration of the trade of the Fulani women in Nigeria. 19. Milk sellers 1

           19. Milk sellers 2

  1. A Shepherd in the Woods.

This work is acrylics on canvas. This painting is just a figment of Emmanuel’s imagination. Even at his worst, he still manages to produce a classic.20. A Shepherd in the Woods


  1. Nigeria Rides as One.

This acrylics on canvas is another great innovation from Emmanuel that I like.  This work illustrates the ethnic groups in Nigeria represented by the three main ethnic group- Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba; riding as one. 21. Nigeria rides as one


  1. Riverside Fishing.

This painting is a sequel to the “Riverside Settlement” painting. This work is acrylics on canvas. 22. Riverside fishing


  1. Woman with Pot.

                        This plastic work is simply amazing. I don’t know how he comes up with his ideas but he is just so creative.

           23. Woman with Pot

  1. Life under the Niger Bridge.

I see this work as my work and without mincing words, I will say this is the hand of Esau, voice of Jacob. This is the life under the popular river Niger in Kogi State. This acrylics on canvas is my favourite of all his paintings.24. Life Under the Niger Bridge


So you have it, these are some of Emmanuel’s paintings I so much admire. Unlike many other artists, Emmanuel’s paintings have textures which are “alive” which I call “feelables”. This means that his paintings have feelings that are like you are in the painting. You will be amazed at the creativity of this young artist.

Emmanuel Anaiye Ifebunmi don’t just make thoughts become painting but gives deeper meaning to abstract and impressionism. This makes his arts comes alive. You can connect with Emmanuel on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, GooglePlus and Pinterest to get your custom arts or buy any of his featured works above.

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  1. You can order for your choice of #African_arts of various techniques and on different media.

    Delivery are prompt immediately after payment is made. I deliver worldwide.

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